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Strong Facts

1. Your body sheds 36 million skin cells…
2. A man produces 300 million sperm cells.
3. 173 billion red blood cells are created and destroyed.
4. Your heart beats 100,800 times.
5. You take 30,000 breaths a day.
6. 10 billion white blood cells are made.
7. You blink 9,365 times.
8. Your kidney filters 3,600 liters of blood-equivalent to 45 baths.
9. 100 hairs are lost and replaced.
10. Enough body heat is produced to power a light bulb for 1.5 days.
11. Your toenails grow 0.1mm (0.004 in).
12. About 1.7 liters of urine is made.
13. Your mouth produces 1 liter of saliva.
14. Your stomach produces 2 liters of hydrochloric acid.
15. Your body expels an average of 2 liters of gas.
16. One teaspoonful of tears spill from your eyes – though crying empties
out more.
Did you know that elephant’s teeth can weight as much as nine pounds each.

Imagine over six thousand microscopes, each with a lens. Now imagine a bee’s eye. The eye has 6300 lenses too.

Penguins look very odd on land, waddling about. But underwater, a penguin gains great speed-enough speed in fact to be able to leap seven feet into the air.

You might not think that snails are very fierce. But a snail can have as many as twenty five thousand teeth ! Imagine being bitten by one.

Did you know that Kiwis are the only birds in the world to hunt by sense of smell.

A Polar bear may look clumsy & slow, but once it’s choosing something on the ice it moves with a speed of some twenty five miles an hour.

Don’t you think it’s amazing that camels in the Sahara Desert can survive without water all through the winter.

Snakes never close their eyes because they have no eyelids, only a tough, transparent membrance to protect their eyeballs.

Do you know the fastest snake is the Namba, which moves at a speed of 11 Km/hour.

Do you know the house Lizard never drinks water.
Horses often go to sleep standing up as well as lying down.

The eggs of the green turtle not only look like ping pong balls but also bounce when dropped.