A bad day at school – Short English Essay

A bad day at school

I was very happy and excited on Saturday morning. It was an activity day in our school and our class has ‘best out of waste’ activity. My mum prepared a mini bag of all the required materials while I got ready for school. I was lost in thinking about the group we will be in, the article I was about to make a pen stand. Our day started at school as usual and finally the activity period also started. Everyone took out the material but I ransacked the whole bag but my mini bag was not inside. I was almost in tears. My partner offered me his material and we discussed over the matter. All of a sudden, our teacher noticed us talking and started scolding. When we tried to explain, she expelled us from the the classroom. To our bad luck principal sir was on round and he came to us. He too scolded us for our carelessness and our participation in the activity was cancelled. It was a very bad day I ever experienced at school.

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