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Essay on Postman

The postman is a very integral part of our daily life. Though this the age of computes and all that goes with it, the postman still delivers letters, books, magazines, parcels and money orders which cannot b done by computers.

The postman, being a government servant has to be identified as such, so he dons a khaki uniform, a matching cap and carries a bag on his shoulder in which he packs all the post that needs to be delivered.

The work of a postman is not easy. He starts his day by reporting at the office by 9 o’clock sharp. He signs the register and gets down to the business of the day. A gunny bag full of letters is sorted out for delivering in different zones of the city.

The letters and other postal articles of one zone are taken to the respective counter and thee they are sorted street-wise and number-wise, so that the postman does not waste the time while delivering his quota of the post. Then begins the tedious part of the job, that is going from house to house to make the deliveries. The letters are easy because he just drops them into the letterboxes or slips them under the doors in case there are no boxes.

Rain, hail, sunshine or storm you will never fail to see the postman on his rounds. He has no choice as his work is a very important and risky one at the same time, as he can be identified and held responsible for the loss of any postal articles. But unfortunately, the postman gets a very meager salary.

In villages the postman’s work is more or less the same but his job is made easier as he goes on his rounds on a cycle, because the villages are far apart. But sometimes the postman has to move on unmetalled roads and has to cross muddy fields.

Then the postman has to return to the post office, make his report to the postmaster, and then if any odd jobs need to be completed, he does so and calls it a day. He returns home a truly tired man.

A little nut – tree : Nursery rhyme

I had a little nut – tree,

And nothing would it bear,

But a silver apple,

And a golden pear.

The king of Spain’s daughter,

Came to visit me,

All for the sake of my little nut – tree.

Mary had a little lamb

Mary had a little lamb,

Its fleece was white as snow.

Everywhere that Mary went,

Mary went, Mary went,

Everywhere that Mary went,

The lamb was sure to go.