Short essay on Journey by Train

Essay on Journey by Train.

Essay on Journey by train

I have travelled by train many times. But these were short Journeys. One day, my father told us that he is going to Kanyakumari on a business trip. He decided to take the whole family with him. We were thrilled to hear this good news. We packed our luggage and went to Kota by train, as our real journey was to start from there. At Kota we boarded the Rajdhani Express for Kanyakumari. We travelled in a second class AC compartment.

The journey was very comfortable. We passed through many states. I looked out during the day and enjoyed the scenery all along. We saw cattle grazing, people working in the fields, beautiful flower Gardens and orchards of fruit trees. Our train made very few halts. Meals was served at regular interval. We enjoyed the delicious food.

The scenery along the Konkan coast was really very beautiful. Our train passed through many tunnels. Then we reached Ernakulam, a very clean and beautiful city. From Ernakulam, we boarded another train for Kanyakumari. This part of our journey from Ernakulam to Kanyakumari was still more enjoyable. At last we reached our destination, Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India. We can never forget our journey.

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  1. Yes very short essay but very good languages
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    300 word paragraph
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    300 word paragraph
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    It is a very good short essay for kids.
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