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Let’s Laugh

One friend (to another) :- Since last month your wife has been riding to reduce her weight. Has anything happened ?
Second friend (Unhappily) :- Yes the weight of the horse reduced by 10 Kgs.

Mother (to her son) :- I had kept 2 pieces of sweet on the shelf last evening. But now only one is left ? 
Son (Immediately) :-
It was darkness so I couldn’t see the other piece.

Once upon a time there were three men, one from France, the other from Japan and the third one from India.
The French Said :- Copper was discovered in our country so all copper wires are our gifts.
The Japanese Said :- Aluminium was discovered in our country so all Aluminium wires are our gifts.
The Indian Said :- No metal was discovered in our country so wireless is our gift.

Teacher asked his student :- How do ants help us ?
One student (quickly ) answered :- They help us to know the place where our mother has kept the sweets.

One woman to another at a party : “Why are you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger ?”
“Because”, replied the second woman, “I married the wrong man.”

Prasson Gupta Class – VI C

Jokes that Puzzle

Where do you find elephants ?
They are to big to be lost.
Which is the wettest animal ?
Rein (Rain) deer.
Which is the musical planet ?
Neptune (Tune).
Why did the witch travel on a broom ?
She couldn’t afford a Vacuum Cleaner.
What has for wheels and discovered America ?
Colum (Bus).
Why do astronauts wear bulletproof vests ?
to protect themselves from shooting stars.
What did one lion says to another on seeing two hunters in a jeep ?
“Meals on wheels”
What kind of music do lions like ?
Rock and roar.
Why is a batsman a coward ?
He is affraid of a duck (0).

By – Salil Dhaddha Class – VI C

Interesting Definations

School :- A place where papa pays and son plays.
Life Insurance :- A contract that keeps you poor all your life so that you can die rich.
Nurse :- A person who wakes up to give you sleeping pills.
Marriage :- A contract in which a boy loses his bachelor’s degree and girl gets her master’s degree.

Vertika Kataria Class – VII A